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          Weekday Programs


Mel is ready for action every morning from 6am. She is the local Queen of Darwin radio. She's bright, cheeky, real and very lovable. Just don't poke the bear!


Pete gives you access to current news makers and coverage of the issues affecting the Northern Territory - especially Darwin. Territory FM has always committed to a strong local community focussed talk show since the 90's. In 2017 Pete Butler is the guy pushing the buttons.


Steve "Hoops" Hooper plays all the classic hits from the 60's to the 2000's and features classic albums, music themes and specific years to take you back in time. The Classic Cafe is one of our most listened to radio shows for nearly 10 years. After 1pm Steve will give you 25 hits in a row - all part of the No Repeat Workday.


Matt Bern gets you home from work with the most music in the Top End. Artist supersets, The Fresh 4, Drive It Live Sessions, The Free 30 music marathon and more. Matt Bern is also Territory FM's Station Manager and Program Director.


Channel Nine Darwin News Simulcast
Live from the Nine Darwin studio's with Johnno Uptin.



Each weekend the night show is populated by Alice Cooper - the rock god. Classic Rock, Progressive Rock and Metal Rock......all types of ROCK! Territory FM was one of the first stations in Australia to add Alice Cooper to it's ranks. He's been rocking Darwin for 12 years.


Top End Nights with Jih Seymour

Finally a radio guy who knows his music and the stories to go with them. Jih has been on air with 1041 for the last 26 years. Top End Nights is his new show!


FRESH MiNT is a refreshing dose of new Territory music every Thursday night on Territory FM and Gove FM from 10pm. It’s a way to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in Australia’s most isolated, but vibrant music scene. 


The Crate radio show  is a simple one: We get a vinyl copy of a classic album, drop the needle, and listen through both sides in its entirety, front to back, side A through side B. It's an all-vinyl experience, designed to take you on a journey of musical discovery... with some pops and scratches and surface noise along the way. THE CRATE is on every Monday night at midnight, hosted & introduced by Fletcter Bowman. Who is Darwin's biggest vinyl horder!


Saturday Sports with Justin. 2 hours of seriously local sport.








Maximum Music Weekend 


Cultural Village
Presented by the members of Darwin’s Cultural Village team. World music from Samoa, Africa, India, Tonga, PNG and New Zealand.


Darwin’s Greatest Hits Overnight
Darwin’s best blend of music to keep you company through the early hours.