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Territory Talk, Friday 19 June

Graig Lowndes and Jamie Whincup talk to Daryl Manzie live at the V8 Supercars @ Hidden Valley.

Territory Talk, Thursday 18 June

Darwin travel agent Sandra Lew Fatt is concerned local agents will lose business to Queensland company Flight Centre.  The NT Government has decided to contract their travel requisitions to an interstate company.  You know Flight Centre their television ads feature a Noosa-based builder/ actor playing the role of an airline company.

Territory Talk, Wednesday 17 June

Daryl Manzie catches-up with Willem in his regular weekly segment. 

Territory Talk, Wednesday 17 June

Daryl Manzie catches-up with Lynne in her regular segment. 

Breakfast, Monday 15 June


Second-generation racer George Miedecke enters his second year in the Dunlop Series in 2013 with a new team in Matt Stone Racing after driving for Sonic Motor Racing in his debut year.

As a tribute to his father Andrew’s racing career (which shows no signs of slowing down in Touring Car Masters!), George will run under the #35 that his father used during his touring car career in the 1980s.

The Miedeckes and Stones also have a long history with team owner Matt Stone’s father Jim and Andrew Miedecke working together in the 1980s and 1990s in Group A touring car and V8 Supercar racing.

Breakfast, Friday 12 June

We've got V8 fever here at Territory Fm!

Mel chats with Supercheap Auto Racing's Tim Slade.


Territory Talk, Thursday 11 June

Canditates for a new NT political party will have to undertake drug, alcohol, and psychological testing to ensure they are fit for politics.  Braedon Earley the man behind the proposed party also wants his candidates to submit to police checks.

Peter Butler caught up with the former CLP president and Palmer United Party member who says Territorians were ready for a third force in politics because they were totally disillusioned with both major political parties.

Territory Talk, Thursday 11 June

Morning host Daryl Manzie talks with Professor of Political Science Wayne Cristaudo  about his Professorial Lecture on “Global Instabilities 101 Years After the Commencement of the First World War”. 

Breakfast, Thursday 11 June


Lennie is looking for his Father, here is his story in his own words 

""PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP ME"..?..My name at birth was Leonard Jame's Cahill/Gray born in Darwin d.o.b. 14/05/1973..."Father' (Collin Douglas Cahill) He was a fisherman is what is on my birth certificate, My Mother's name is (Dolore's beverly Gray/Haywood) I am the youngest of 5 children-Known brother's and sister's are (Brenda Gray-Brian Gray-Patrick Cahill-Christine Cahill-and me, I was made ward of the stae until the age of 18 year's, I was placed in and out of a lot of foster home's and state care institution's in Darwin and Queensland, mainly in Q.L.D. known home's that i know of (sandgate/silky oak's/warilda/wilson/Boy's Tow-q.l.d.-westbrook) And the list goes on, to many to mention, Br Paul Smth from Boy's Town in Q.L.D.Bauedesert sent me to Murray Bridge South Australia in 1986-1987-To my so called father Collin Cahill, I played football for Redleg's and other known foot ball club's whilst i was there on a "MEET YOUR FATHER HOLIDAY" (thank's br paul smith and collin cahill for leaving it this long) I rang this Collin Cahill the other night to ask him if he was my real father....and he said "NO I'M NOT" then said to me that a guy called Mark Matthew's is, then hung up on me...mmm...I then found out that Collin Cahill bumped into this Mark Matthew's about two week's ago, So i'm on the understanding that Mr Mark Matthew's is in Darwin, Around the Bakewell/caserina area, If anyone know's of Mark Matthew's or know's him personaly, could you please let him know that I/his son Leonard James Matthew's would like to chat, And if he doesn't want to talk then that's ok, but i want him to know that he has an awsome little bunch of grand kid's, A son that has been married for 24 year's "TODAY" (10/06/1991-10/06/2015) nearly a life sentence lol We would like to put the right last night behind our/your grandkid's As a family name, Thank you very much any help is a big help, feel free to contact me on 0431-304-941- or you can email at 
"Please Help"

Territory Talk, Wednesday 3 June

Deputy Chief Minister Willem Westra Van Holthe talks with Peter Butler about Don Dale escapees, parliament estimates and the final stages of banana freckle eradication.