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Territory Talk, Thursday 11 May

Morning host Peter Butler interviews Senator for Northern Territory Nigel Scullion who responded to NT Labor government claims that the Territory was forgotten about in the federal budget.  

Territory Talk, Thursday 11 May

Northern Territory opposition leader Gary Higgins talks with Peter Butler about the federal budget and the NT governments lack of shovel-ready projects that should have been submitted to the Commonwealth ahead of budget estimates.

Territory Talk, Wednesday 10 May

Morning host Peter Butler caught up with CDU Nursing Museum curator Janie Mason to have a chat about “bush nursing” in the Territory, International Nurses Day and the 30th anniversary of the Museum.

Territory Talk, Wednesday 10 May

Leading experts in rheumatic heart disease met at CDU as part of a national collaboration to wipe-out a life-threatening condition that disproportionately affects Indigenous Australians.

Morning host Peter Butler spoke with Professor Jonathan Carapetis and Kenya about the challenges and the inter-agency work needed to stamp out RHD.

Kenya from Katherine shared with listeners her personal experience of living with RHD and Jonathon concluded that RHD is both curable but more importantly preventable disease.

Territory Talk, Tuesday 9 May

Policy on the run? Morning host Peter Butler catches-up with Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro to examine the Gunner government’s liquor act review and questions the purpose of amending some aspects of law ahead of the announced review.

Territory Talk, Tuesday 9 May

Attorney General Natasha Fyles talks with host Peter Butler about parliament sittings and confirms that Palmerston Regional Hospital will have a hydro therapy – one day.

Territory Talk, Thursday 4 May

Following the delivery of her maiden budget Treasurer Nicole Manison talks with Peter Butler about the perceived challenges and the need to post a record level deficit for the Territory of 1.3 billion dollars.

Territory Talk, Thursday 4 May

Morning host Peter Butler talks with a renowned kidney specialist who has been working to close the gap in Indigenous health in the Northern Territory for more than 30 years will deliver the first Charles Darwin University Professorial Lecture for 2017.

The Director of Menzies School of Health Research, Professor Alan Cass, will discuss how rigorous research that explores patterns in health and disease – in collaboration with Indigenous communities – is key to improving health.

Breakfast, Wednesday 26 April

This morning Mel caught up with Felicity from Mush Australia!

The new, free way for mums to meet other local, like-minded mums with kids the same age.

Because when mums get together, this whole thing gets even better.

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Territory Talk, Monday 24 April

Host Peter Butler talks with Lia Finocchiaro, Deputy Opposition Leader, about the proposed 50-million-dollar museum to be built by the Gunner government with taxpayer money and how the NT budget can afford such non-essential amenities given the government is wrestling with severe financial short-comings predicated over four years.