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Territory Talk, Tuesday 12 September

Mornings host Peter Butler catches-up with Inpex’s Sean Kildare for an update on the colossal Ichthys project and to review world -leading scientific research to better manage both manmade and environmental mangrove die-back.  

Territory Talk, Monday 11 September

Morning host Peter Butler reviews a book that reflects on days of yore when HF radio ruled supreme and connected the widely dispersed remote communities of the Northern Territory.

Written by Charles Darwin University Nursing Museum curator Janie Mason and Senior Lecturer in Business Dr Susan Bandias, “Life in Radio Land - Stories from the bush before the mobile phone” is a collection of 32 stories from nurses, doctors, cattle station families, teachers, missionaries, radio-telephone technicians and operators, as well as a pilot, construction worker, tourist operator and hydrologist, from pre-World War II to the early 2000s.

Territory Talk, Monday 11 September

Opposition leader Gary Higgins catches-up with Peter Butler to discuss the Country Liberal annual conference and Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull’s whirlwind tour of Darwin.

Territory Talk, Monday 11 September

On the 16th Anniversary of 9/11 Morning host Peter Butler talks with Dr John Coyne, from the Australian Strategic Policy Institue’s Border Security Program, about the current terrorist risk to Australia and given Darwin’s close proximity to potential threats from our north, how prepared are we to deal with similar incidents.

Territory Talk, Thursday 7 September

Kris Haliday catches-up with opposition Leader Gary Higgins to discuss parliament sittings and voter frustration with the re-birth of the abstract Berimah Line.

Territory Talk, Wednesday 6 September

Kris Haliday talks with Charles Darwin University research fellow Dr Brett Murphy about Butler’s Dunart a tiny carnivorous marsupial, so rare it has only been seen eight times in the past 37 years.

The flesh-eating critter was first discovered by Aussie naturalist Harry Butler in the Kimberley in 1965.

Effectively monitoring the endangered meat lover has been significantly helped with research undertaken by CDU PhD candidate Larissa Potter.

Dr Brett Murphy is supervising Ms Potter’s research and undertaking research to help Northern Australia’s threatened mammals for the Threatened Species Recovery Hub of the National Environmental Science Programme. 

“Unless we can monitor species efficiently, we don’t know if the conservation actions we are undertaking are paying off for our vulnerable wildlife species”, Dr Murphy said. 

“This new monitoring method is much cheaper and more efficient than traditional monitoring methods and will greatly improve our ability to monitor and care for this species”. 

Territory Talk, Tuesday 5 September

Des Crowe from the Australian Hotels Association NT talks with Kris Haliday about the Territory wide reintroduction of the Banned Drinkers Register.


Territory Talk, Monday 4 September

Darwin-based artist and musician Mats Undén talks with Kris Haliday about his exhibition Tonality in Time and Space.

Mats’ solo exhibition questions how music and printmaking interact outside their traditional frameworks and asks when introducing music and dance into the creation of visual arts, when do we move from one discipline into the other?

Drive, Friday 18 August

Todd Hunter (DRAGON) called in, and was able to handle Matt's curly questions. Matt who is a big fan kept Todd on his toes.

Dragon have been touring the country recently showcasing their classic songs and more.


Territory Talk, Friday 11 August

Law reform advocate and CDU lecturer Felicity Gerry QC talks with Morning host Peter Butler about working to tackle modern human trafficking and her submission to the Australian Federal Parliament.