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Territory Talk, Tuesday 26 July

John Lawrence SC is very much at the coalface of the Juvenile Justice system in the NT and talks with morning host Peter Butler about the disturbing revelations broadcast on a Four Corners programme about systemic failings in the Territory’s youth justice system.

Mr Lawrence says the public need to see individuals held to account and this level of indecent cruelty to young people prevented from ever happening again and he fully welcomes PM Turnbull’s instigation of an urgent federal enquiry into the matter.

Territory Talk, Tuesday 26 July

Following revelations made on Four Corners about barbaric and inhumane conditions in NT youth detention centres Felicity Gerry QC talks to Peter Butler about the Criminal Lawyers Association of the Northern Territory (CLANT) submission for urgent ratification by Australia of the UN’s Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture.

Breakfast, Thursday 21 July

Mel chats with Palmerston City Deputy Mayor Seranna Shutt about Breast Feeding in public.

Territory Talk, Monday 18 July


Space Junk may have a future

Morning host Peter Butler heads into space to discover the best use of all that space junk orbiting the earth.

A pair of Darwin artists is proposing a creative and useful solution to the problem of space junk orbiting the Earth.

A Charles Darwin University PhD candidate will tell an international conference this month that the huge volume of space debris could be transformed into cloud-like sculptures to shade an overheated planet.

Isadora Mack will present a paper, jointly written with CDU Senior Lecturer in Visual Arts Dr Ioannis Michaloudis, at the International Conference on Earth Science and Climate Change in Bangkok this month.

Dr Michaloudis said Isadora would be the only artist to speak at the science-focused conference.

“Artists have a broad imagination that could be used to create alternative solutions to scientific problems,” he said.

“We offer the mythology while the scientists offer the methodology.”

He said the paper proposed to use space technology, known as “silica aerogel”, to gather the space debris before placing it over parts of the world that were most exposed to the sun.



Picture: NASA

Breakfast, Friday 8 July

Mel chats with Aussie Comedian Lindsay Webb! Have a listen and a laugh :) 

Territory Talk, Wednesday 6 July

A Menzies School of Health report, tabled in the last session of NT parliament indicates that children in the NT are five times more likely to die from injury than children in any other state.

Daryl Manzie interviews the author of the report Professor Gary Robinson.

Professor Robinson says that while the national figure is declining, figures for the NT are trending sharply upwards.  It is often indigenous families who bear the brunt of these chilling statistics, and each number is someone’s son or daughter, sister or brother.

There is a desperate need for communities and governments to intervene to reduce the extent of this tragedy.  

Territory Talk, Wednesday 6 July

Daryl Manzie talks with Deputy Chief Minister Peter Styles during his weekly segment.

Territory Talk, Tuesday 5 July

Daryl Manzie caught-up with Brian Flanagan from Northern Territory Library who reviewed Three pound a post and a pound a rail, the memoir of Territory character Doug Collins.

"Doug Collins was the student who dug chicory and milked cows after school, then crews a fishing boat from Sydney to Cairns. DC was the man who became a plant operator, soldier, yard builder, taxi owner, tour operator, fuel agent, scuba diver, yabby trapper, and holder of a coxswain certificate. He was the charter member of the Katherine branch of Rotary International, elected as an alderman of the inaugural Katherine Town Council where he became the local town planner, and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Petroleum (F.A.I. Pet.) The same bloke the aboriginals called Dargy Gollan was a crocodile shooter, stockman, and rodeo competitor, Collins, incredibly, was obliged to answer an unwarranted charge of murder, and wrote the specifics of this event down in the form of this memoir"...back cover.

Territory Talk, Monday 4 July

In his first interview on Territory FM as Federal Member for Solomon elect Luke Gosling talks with Daryl Manzie and tells listeners he is keen to get on with the job and is prepared to work regardless of who managed to form a government in Canberra.

Picture: NT News

Territory Talk, Thursday 30 June

On the eve of Territory Day respected former politician Grant Tambling AM spoke with Daryl Manzie about the importance of Territory Day and that his definition of  a Territorian: “someone who has no intention of leaving the NT”.

Grant also laments the passing of visionary politicians and said local politics has become too inward and out of touch with the desires and priorities of the community.


Photo: Administrators Council. L-R: Graeme Munro, Administrator's Secretary; Ian Tuxworth; Grant Tambling; Roger Ryan; Paul Everingham; Jock Nelson; Goff Letts, 1974.